15 Sep 2019


  • A flagship event will help to develop Saudi Arabia’s nascent fashion industry

  • Panel discussions and workshops will address the most pertinent issues in the fashion industry today

  • Homegrown Saudi fashion talent will participate in the event showcasing their creative talents


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture is holding an event designed to boost the Kingdom’s domestic fashion industry.  

Fashion Futures, which will take place in Riyadh from 4-6 November 2019, and as part of Riyadh Season, will include a series of talks, workshops and panel discussions that will address current challenges, trends and developments in the global fashion industry today.

This landmark event is set against the unprecedented cultural transformation that is currently underway in the Kingdom.

Lama Albluwi – Fashion student at Dar Al-Hekma University

“A few years ago, not everyone accepted the idea of studying fashion. Now it has become a legitimate industry. We are seeing many young Saudis choose to study fashion and want to become designers.”

“I am happy to see the rise of Saudi fashion designers, many of whom are embracing our own Saudi culture in their works. I see a bright future for the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia and I look forward to the Ministry of Culture’s plans to develop the sector.”

Demand for a vibrant fashion sector in Saudi Arabia is strong and continues to grow, however a solid infrastructure is needed to support this. Fashion Futures will address the elements needed to build a fashion ecosystem in the Kingdom, providing an event for discussion and allowing homegrown Saudi fashion talent to have their needs addressed and voices heard.

Ziyad Buainain – Holds a master’s degree in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in Milano

“I have always wanted to study fashion, it’s an expressive art form and helps me explore my creativity. Each style reflects a certain personality, and this allows me to better understand people.”

“I’m very proud of the transformation happening in Saudi Arabia, providing a platform to creative people in the country and allowing them to express themselves and explore their creative interests. There is so much potential in young Saudis and their talent needs to be in the spotlight to help them realise their dreams.”

Fashion is one of the 16 sectors that the Ministry of Culture is seeking to develop, as outlined in its cultural vision launched earlier this year.